The Double Image Experience

Nancy & Mike Gifford

Nancy and Mike Gifford have been a pair since the early years of high school, and at just 13 and 14 years of age, they unknowingly created a bond that would surpass their expectations.

Double Image Styling Salon was founded in 1987, the same year Mike and Nancy Gifford were married. In 1998, Mike joined Nancy in working at the salon. Just 11 years brought so much success to the salon, that Nancy needed a helping hand, and who better to lend one than her high school sweetheart, husband, and now business partner?

Hand in hand, The Giffords have developed Double Image into the award winning salon it is today. However, the success of the salon is due in part to the exceptional team of women who have chosen Double Image to fulfill their careers.

No matter how talented and hard working the Double Image staff and owners may be, the most important part of their equation is you! Mike and Nancy appreciate and acknowledge the role their clients play in the success of their salon and extend many thanks to each and every one!

Our Team

Lindsey Gifford

Master Stylist/Manager

Julie Fosnaught

Master Stylist/Assistant Manager

Beth VanBuren

Master Stylist

Alice Anderson

Master Stylist

Deanna Robinson

Master Stylist

Holly Jones

Master Stylist

Linda McNany

Master Stylist

Angela Claypoole

Master Stylist

Haley Jewart

Premier Stylist

Mandy Coffey

Premier Stylist

Marisa McCormick

Premier Stylist

Shayla Shullo


Stephanie Cramer

Master Stylist

Sadie Murawski


Candace Stitt

Massage Therapist

Sara Weiland

Stylist/Nail Tech/Esthetician

Corey Gifford

Assistant Business Manager/Piercer